Excited about ifcomp

Ifcomp 2018 looks like it’s going to be yet another good year.

From following authors on twitter and testing games, I can say that there is going to be huge variety this year: big old-school parser games with lots of polish, cutting-edge experiments with interface, art games, games with moral quandaries, horror, math games, wordplay games, comedies, murder mysteries, intricate puzzlers, long-form story fiction, community in-jokes and sequels, beautiful graphics-heavy games, fresh faces with new stories, and pretty much everything you might want. And those are only the games I’m aware of.

A lot of experienced people are entering smaller games designed to entertain more than just to win, leaving more rooom for new people with big games and big ideas to place high. And other experienced people are putting up games that could take the top prize.

Good luck to everyone involved!

I’m surprised no predictions have been made. Or does that happen this weekend?

Though, to be fair, you seem to be aware of almost everything. :wink:

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this as well! The last competition I had any serious involvement in in any way was in… ouch… 2013. Last time I entered was in 2011. I’m expecting to be surprised. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to the comp. I came back to it in 2014, playing a few games each time, even voted last year. But I hope the organizer doesn’t get overwhelmed. The 80 games from last year seemed like a lot, and I wonder if there’s going to be more this time around? That’s a ton of work to organize.

I, too am excited, this is my first IFComp, I have entered my very first-ever game in it. It’s quite a long one, and I hope it doesn’t overwhelm too many of the judges!

I can’t stop clicking refresh on the ifcomp page, even though I know the games probably won’t be up until much later today. It’s killing me! Can’t wait to be a judge for the second time.

Wait no longer. :slight_smile:

Jacqueline has done an amazing job getting the games up - I think earlier than most years?

Also last year it seemed like there was a whole week between the deadline and release, but that may have just been the way the calendar fell.

I want to be excited about new IF again. I’m still the curmudgeon who only wants parser and doesn’t play online, but I think I’m going to try this year. It looks like there are 16 games that meet my criteria (17 if I decide to run the Linux binary of Nightmare Adventure). I think I can do that in the comp period, and I hope they’re really good.

This is a good year to be excited! For parser specifically, I tested several games that were old school, long, and polished.

For non parser I’m discovering some absolutely amazing games.

Play parser online is a great commodity. Thanks, technology.