Examining more than one duplicate object

In the “Early Childhood” example, there are blocks of different colors:

[code]Colour is a kind of value. The colours are red, blue and green. A block is a kind of thing. A block has a colour. A block is usually blue. Before printing the name of a block: say "[colour] ". Before printing the plural name of a block: say "[colour] ". Understand the colour property as describing a block.

The Nursery is a room. In the Nursery are six red blocks, four blue blocks and a green block.[/code]

What would be a good way to give a custom response to something like “x blocks” (and maybe even “x red blocks”), instead of the default “You can’t use multiple objects with that verb.”?

The example The Left Hand of Autumn explains how to address multiple objects as a group, which is probably what you’re looking for. If you just want to examine each block in succession, you can add one line:

Understand "examine [things]" as examining.

This will produce one line of output for each thing examined:

Thank you!