Ever have something work that makes you giddy??

I finally got an npc gimmicked up to perform a series of actions based on his location and what he’s holding - essentially if he happens across a certain object in the environment, he fetches another object in the world, then brings it back and drops it. And I managed to do this with internal activities where I did not have to plan out every action for him.

The funny part is, I dont have the npc set up to wander yet, so to test this I had to basically lure him to my location by making noise - in this case, breaking a plate.

The npc arrives, but instead of taking the route I assumed, he sets off in the other direction - hey wait, where’s he going? Turns out, he crawled out a window and climbed down the outside wall - something I had set up as an escape route later that blocks the player from taking that path, but I hadn’t thought to write check routines for him. It was a minor triumph to have my butler take a an unplanned shortcut I had forgotten was even there!

Heh! That’s awesome. Butler by day, Cat Burglar by night. Even more awesome if he does it carrying a serving tray.

PS - sounds like you’re getting into the nitty gritty of NPC coding. Full credit. I struggle with even the most basic of NPCs.