Events setup to happen at a certain time and date

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Twine Version: 2
Story Format: Sugarcube

I’m wondering if anyone can figure out how to create a one time event. I’m using the time widget for 24 hours…I would like the even to occur Jul 3rd, 2019

`<<if $gameDate.getMonth() is “Jul” and $gameDate.getDate() is “3” 
and   $gameDate.getFullYear() is “2019”>> 
<<dialog ‘’>>You got it to work!<</dialog>><</if>>`

All of the methods you’re attempting to use return numbers rather than strings (see: Date > Instance methods @MDN), so no quoting the values here. Try something like the following: (indented for clarity)

	$gameDate.getMonth() is 6
	and $gameDate.getDate() is 3
	and $gameDate.getFullYear() is 2019
	<<dialog>>You got it to work!<</dialog>>

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