Etsy hacker grants

I figure this is a community that includes some coders, some of which are ladies, so: if you are a lady with nonzero coding experience, and you have the time and inclination, but not the money, to spend learning to be a better coder in Brooklyn this summer, you should check this out: … echnology/ (I would totally do this, but I’ve already scheduled over the first few days of it, sadly.)

Isn’t this kind of sexist? Why exclude men?

Replace “women” with “men” and you’re in serious trouble. Am I missing something obvious? I mean, I’m a woman and I would never accept a grant simply because I have a vagina. That’s just stupid and demeaning.

Well, for one thing, men don’t make up a vanishingly small percentage of current programmers? I mean, the award isn’t because of your vagina, but because of the way people who are women (and may or may not have vaginas) have been treated in the past and are treated now? And because, for lots of reasons, it’s good to have a gender-balanced mix in occupations - good for workers, employers, and customers?

Diversity: a good thing! Providing opportunities for groups that are traditionally less economically able to do stuff like this: a good thing! Demonstrating that there’s (baby) steps in the way that women have traditionally been excluded from certain occupations: a good thing! Field balancing: a good thing!

See also: “Why isn’t there a White History Month?” and “Why isn’t there a Straight Pride Parade?” and “Wait, what do you mean some groups of people are marginalized more than others?”

Gotta say, this is some bargain-basement trolling.