Error when starting Workbench (Windows 2000)

When I try to run the TADS Workbench, I get this error:

“The procedure entry point GetProcessId could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.”

I’m running Windows 2000. Is this a known issue? Any ideas on what’s going on and how to fix it?

There may not be many Win2000 users in the TADS group – I’ve been on Win7 for three years, and before that I was on XP. I can tell you that there are numerous copies of kernel32.dll in my Windows directory. So the first question is, do you have that file in your Windows directory?

The second question is, did you install Workbench to the default location, or did you do a custom install?

If you have that dll in your system, and if you installed to the default location, then I’m out of ideas.

This means that the TADS Workbench is trying to call the Windows function GetProcessId(), which was only added to Windows in XP SP1 and Server 2003:

The only way to fix this would be to get Mike to change the code: you could file a TADS bug at There’s a question on StackOverflow that discusses how to fix this:

Bug filed; thanks for the feedback, guys.