Error, not explicit enough

I told inform rusty knife is a kind of object and has some numbers. But when i try to run my game, it says im not explicit enought about the rusty knife. " You wrote ‘now rusty knife is nowhere’ but this is not explicit enough ", " now rusty knife is carried by player, again, this is not explicit enough. "
So what is wrong with my code? I have the same problem with another actor in my scene exept its a zombie as a kind of monster. I’m new to inform btw so its probably an easy fix i overlooked but i cant find it.
Thank you

When you’re defining a kind of thing, you can think of it as a class of things, or a sort of blueprint. You additionally need to declare specific instances (actual concrete things) to use them in the game. They can be “quasi-anonymous” (“The player carries three knives.”), or you can name them specifically, for example like this:

The Lab is a room.

A knife is a kind of thing. A knife has a number called damage.

The rusty knife is a knife. The rusty knife has damage 2.

The sharp knife is a knife. The sharp knife has damage 5.

After jumping:
	move the rusty knife to the player.

Thank you totaly worked. I tried something similar but set the rusty knife as a kind of knife which broke everything i guess.