Error in Inform 7 documentation or just weird bug?

I am working on a game where you can crawl around in some pipes. There are pipe locations that allow you to see what’s going on in rooms without entering them. I looked up the documentation for some basic scope-deciding to make this work. I got it working with this script:

After deciding the scope of the player when the location is Ballroom pipes:
	place the Hotel ballroom in scope.

So my story is coming along just fine, but what’s bugging me is that this script did not work:

After deciding the scope of the player while in the Ballroom pipes:
	place the Hotel ballroom in scope.

According to the documentation, this should’ve worked, but it didn’t. What’s up?

I think that’s a documentation error. It used to work but now you have to say “when the location is…”

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Is there someone we should contact about correcting this?

You can file a bug report on Mantis. Choose “Documentation, Web Site, and Examples” from the dropdown Projects menu, and say where in the documentation it says that this should work, with a little code example showing the thing that doesn’t work.

The bug reports tend to go unresponded to for a long time but then when a new version of Inform comes out they get all swooped up at once.

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I tried signing up for an account with Mantis and still haven’t gotten an email, nor can I seem to log in. Is there a way to submit a bug with a guest account? Should I just wait until Inform finishes migrating to the new bug report system?

I just saw this thread, and it rang a bell with me. Turns out I reported this issue last year (bug ID 000205 in the Mantis tracker).