Error after compiling Inform 6

I have a source code of GhostTown by Scott Adams but I have a problem,

the code says, for example:

Nearby item_1 "Barbershop" with invent_order 1, initial_location room_1;

But the screen shows:

Visible Items: 27

Meaning, all of the objects shows a number instead of the name and it’s not even the item number?

Any idea?

I think that your source code was intended for an earlier version of Inform, and doesn’t work with the current Inform 6.32. (The scott2zip converter is really old, dating back to Inform 5.)

Anyway I can update that part of the code?. It seems the only one giving problems…

Update: I compiled with inform 5.5 and It’s working now :slight_smile:

It would intesting anyway to know how to update the code…

Maybe using the “(string)” special rule in the print statement ? It’s page 31 of the Designer’s Manual 4.
The number you see might be the internal representation of the string (probably the short_name of the object), when you just want to print the actual string (and you do so by adding ‘(string)’ before the name of the string in the routine that displays it).

No, it didn’t work, this is the code:

! --- Visible items print "Visible Items: "; num = new_sorted->0; if (num == 0) { print "None"; } else { for (i = 1: i <= num: i++) { if (i > 1) print ", "; print object new_sorted->i;

Don’t you need parens around the printing modifier “object”?

In inform 5 for some reason no, in inform 6 yes…