Eric Eve's Conversation Framework and 'giving it to'

I have implemented Conversation Framework, and Responses, in my game. Then while testing, I noticed that while my ‘After giving the secret banana to Bonzo’ rule executed, I noticed that the thing my player was trying to give to Bonzo was still in his possession, and Bonzo did not actually have it, but was acting as if he did. After some grumbling and fiddling, I realized that there was no longer a ‘Carry out’ rule for ‘giving it to’, and no ‘standard report giving’ rule–they were replaced by a ‘standard response rule’, listed after my After rule. I suspect that, with those extensions, the actual giving takes place in the standard response rule, and that was short-circuited by my After rule…?? I added the line ‘now the secret banana is carried by Bonzo’ to my After rule, and this worked, but what would be the proper thing to do, to ensure that ‘giving it to’ works with these extensions? Do I need to eliminate my After rule, and somehow make the standard response rule do what the After rule did, or do I create another Carry out rule to actually give the banana to Bonzo?


In Alias ‘The Magpie’ I wrote a rule for the specific conversation node, because there were times when a character didn’t want to take something from you, and times when they did. I’m not sure if you’re using conversation nodes, but I had to add a line similar to yours in every instance when I actually wanted the item to pass to the NPC, since the conversation rule overrode the standard behaviour.

Have you also checked that you’ve added:

The block giving rule is not listed in the check giving it to rules.

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Thanks, JJ. I do have both the unlisting and the ‘now the thing is carried by the NPC’.

You know I think I know the solution–it’s in the Conversation Responses extension (and all of the extensions in this series are in Conversation Package). I just looked at the documentation, and it says you have to write something like–

Response of Bob when given-or-shown the whatsis:

This is like a basic Report rule–I think it doesn’t have to be only text (you can break the rules with Report rules).

I’m going to go try this–thanks for the food-for-thought!

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Okay, I wrote something like–

Response of Bonzo when given-or-shown the secret banana:
    say "A you pull the banana out of your shirt, Bonzo gets excited!  He literally runs up to you and snatches the secret fruit.  He races back into his private room and begins scarfing it down!  You follow, hot on his heels.";
    now the secret banana is carried by Bonzo;
    now Bonzo is in Bonzo's Study;
    now the player is in Bonzo's Study.

You still have to add the ‘now the thing is carried by the NPC’ line. I think this is because the extension requires you to fully define the reaction of the NPC when you try to give him something, tell him something, show him something, etc. I tried it without the ‘now’ line, and it didn’t transfer the item. So, if only for better interaction with the extension, I’m going to use the ‘response of’ format when giving things.

Thanks for prompting me to give it a closer look, JJ!

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