Entry point to a river canal from under a bridge - Inform 7

Just of the bat, I don’t have any code for the scenario I want to create below so I cannot post any code.

I want to create a bridge that runs over a river canal. You must be able to go under the bridge and then search for an entry point into the river canal then go up a ladder that is against one of the bridge pillars.

I don’t know if I should create the river canal say as three or four separate rooms joined by doors or something similar.

I have no idea how to start this.

Any ideas or help on this scenario?

There will bo need for doors unless you have actual doors you want the player to open and close in this scenario. I don’t think you do, because it’s all outdoors.

If your concern is the possible confusion of rooms overlapping, Inform has no trouble with that. It only connects two rooms together if you specify that they must be connected.

For instance in this code, which begins to create what could be a spiral staircase…

AAA is south of BBB. BBB is east of CCC. CCC is north of DDD. DDD is west of EEE.

AAA and EEE would impossibly share the same space if we were forced to drop these rooms like tiles on a grid. But Inform only cares about the connections, not any kind of real geometry. So if you build this code, and Inform has to make it make sense to a human, it looks like this in the World tab of the index:

So what I’m saying is, with this logic, you could have a few locations like, for instance:

  • In the river canal
  • Under the Bridge
  • On the ladder
  • On the bridge

And just connect them how it’s logical for each one to connect to the next.
e.g. If you go UP under the bridge, you’re on the ladder. Then UP from there takes you onto the bridge? I can’t visualise exactly what arrangement you want, but I hope I’m getting the idea across.



Thanks, I will have a look at this and see if it will work.

Much appreciated.

I put the code below together and it seems to do the trick for what I originally intended it to do.

The buches is a room. The buches is north of the 6th Street Viaduct.
The underbruch is a backdrop in the buches. "I can maybe clear some of the underbruch to make an entry point to the Canal.".
The underbruch can be clipped or intact.

Instead of going north when player is in the buches and underbruch is intact:
	say "I first need to cut away some of the Underbruch.";
	now underbruch is intact.
Instead of cutting the underbruch:
	say "There seems to be an entry point in the underbruch.[line break]The entry point lead north to the Canal.";
	now the underbruch is clipped.

Looks good. By the way, the spelling of buches and underbruch is ‘bushes’ and ‘underbrush’.

One minor point on the code: The line that says ‘now underbruch is intact’ is not needed. You have defined the rule so that that code can only run in the first place if the underbrush is intact.

It’s not doing any harm to leave it there right now, but if you change the conditions of the rule later, it could cause problems by making the underbrush ‘intact’ again, even if the player has already cut it.


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