Entropy - A New Story

(Updated to V2 on 9/5/16)

Once upon a time in the future an android wakes up amidst the wreckage of a great battle on Earth. There are no survivors except “her”, as she was made in the form of her creator. Chrysilya doesn’t remember much as her internal systems are in the midst of self-repair. Even so, she feels compelled to investigate what happened…

This is a story I wrote 15 years ago. I was poking through my files and came across a zip file called “Entropy”. I unpacked it and found this code in reasonably decent shape. My original vision for the story was, as usual back 2001, massive. But given the state of the code (Inform 6 of course), I felt compelled to complete what’s here and make it a self-contained piece of the larger story. It’s not big and it’s not serious. It’s just a couple of fairly obvious puzzles and one probably somewhat complex puzzle.

If you’re inclined, give it a whirl. There are probably a lo-o-o-t of issues. Who cares. It’s fun. It has the betahtml extension included and is in debug mode, so you can really poke around if you feel the urge.

entropy.z8 (123 KB)


Note the goslow/noslow thing is disabled completely. Since I consider this a work I don’t intend to continue, I’ll fix obvious bugs, but not substantively improve beyond its current state. In a few weeks, I’ll release the source.