Entering a room

How do I check to see if a player is carrying an object when the player enters a room. I know it is “encloses” and entering appears to not be the correct verbiage…Thank you!

There’s a number of things you could do but it might help us a bit better to know just a bit more.
Does something happen in the room if the player encloses the thing? Does something happen only if the player doesn’t have it? Does something change in the room under either of these conditions?

Following is a basic idea but again, this might just be a skeletal base that you need to dress up with a bit more rules depending on what you need.

Finally, don’t forget about Scenes! They can do things that’ll knock your socks up your butt!

Dog Pen is a room.

the hungry dog is an animal in Dog Pen.

every turn while in Dog Pen:
     if player encloses the raw steak:
          say "The hungry dog eyes you hungrily.";
          say "The hungry dog looks around, barely noticing you."

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Thank you for the help!

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The “entering” action is used specifically for containers; the action for moving between rooms is “going”. You can use the ACTIONS testing command to check this. (Type ACTIONS in the game, then do what you want, and it’ll tell you what internal action names correspond to that.)

In this case:

Instead of going to the security room while carrying the stolen goods:
    say "Wait, that might not be such a good idea." instead.