Endurance IF writing stream

Hi all,

Not sure if this belongs here, but I wanted to tell people about a potentially ill advised thing that I’m doing, specifically: writing an IF/procedural (think Universal Paperclips type thing) game with a friend, in 2 weeks, and streaming ourselves doing it 24 hours a day. 336 hours of solid streaming (and, hopefully, game development, but I can’t promise that at 4am my brain won’t melt and I’ll just play some games instead). All in aid of a brilliant charity I care deeply about, Road to Relief (https://www.roadtorelief.org/), who are working on the front lines of the war with Russia in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine.

It would be really great to have as many people as possible popping in to say hi. Here are the deets:

We will be here: Twitch

From 17th July 00:01 BST to 31st July 00:01 BST

For: https://www.roadtorelief.org/our-work

Doing: Stream introduction - Google Docs