Empty text value

Within the description of say, a room, I’ve got a text value that prints whatever that value is holding at that time. In the made-up example below, it’s “[Album Name]”. Is there a way to print an alternative output if that value is ever blank? The below example is drawing from a table, but in my actual use case the text gets changed throughout gameplay and sometimes is empty.

Album Name is a text that varies. 
Artist Name is a text that varies.

Record Shop is a room.

The turntable is a device in Record Shop. The turntable is switched off. The description of the turntable is "It's currently got [italic type][Album Name][roman type] loaded."

Instead of switching on the turntable:
	now the turntable is switched off;
	choose a random row in the Table of Music;
		now Album Name is Album Entry;
		now Artist Name is Artist Entry;
	say "You grab a new record at random, see that you've grabbed [Album Name] by [Artist Name], you load it into the turntable, and hit play.".

Table of Music
Album	Artist
"Jazz"	"Jazz Singer"
"Rock"	"Rock Guy"
"Country"	"Country Gal"
	if Album Name is empty:
		say "XXX";
		say Album Name;

Or, if you want to do it in one line:

say "It is [if Album Name is empty]XXX[else][Album Name][end if].";
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Exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you!