Emily Short's Pytho's Mask

I am stuck in Pytho’s Mask. I’ve heard this game is not particularly difficult, but I seem to have hit a wall and don’t know how to proceed. In the beginning of the game you must talk to the Physician about the king to progress the plot. I have talked to the physician about various topics, king included, and still I can’t move forward. Does anyone know how to approach this conversation?

Let me add that I am fairly new to IF. I’ve played various stories before and I am familiar enough with the commands, but I haven’t been playing for long. My biggest introduction to IF was Blue Lacuna, which is a bit different from most other IF games. I may be approaching this with the wrong mindset.

Thank you to anyone who can help! I’d hate to miss out on this game; it’s lovely so far.

I’ve now posted a walkthrough here:

emshort.wordpress.com/2011/04/26 … lkthrough/

Ah, thank you! It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise to see you had written a walkthrough and replied to my post. I guess the IF community is more tightly-knit and involved than I had realized. I was able to get past that conversation and enjoy the rest of the game, so thanks again! :slight_smile: