Embed Twine story map into note iframe

A newbie to Twine - please forgive me.

Part of my interest in possibly using Twine for a project is the map visualization of the story. I would like readers to be able to see this.

I understand part of the appeal of interactive non-linear fiction is the mystery of the story pathways. However, I’m attempting a non-fiction project with “logic” branches and would like users to see the map of notes to orient themselves in the argument pathways.

Is this possible to view the map somehow within as a note in the story?


No. Well, in theory a programmer could extract the map code from the Twine editor and let you put it in your game, but I doubt that’s a trivial process.


I am no expert in coding, but I thought you might be able to accomplish what you want using SVG graphics:

  1. Make screenshot of your twine story.
  2. Clean unnecessary information and convert to SVG.
  3. In a vector-based software you should be able to assign ids to the different passage-icons.
  4. (and from here I can only imagine how it would work): Embed .svg in your twine story. Using the IDs from before you should be able to e.g. highlight current passage or connection. Maybe even use them as links?

I understand you may be wanting to show the actual Twine code map in the story, which is hard to do live, and you might need to take images of the map at every point you want to show it.

You might wish to look at AXMA 6.1 which codes very much like old-school Twine and has two setup options which include image windows in the UI by default. There is a slightly different looking map, and you’d still have to create images of the story map and then call them when you need them, but the UI might accommodate that a bit more:

Interactive Fiction template:

Classic Quest or RPG template:

AXMA 6.1: https://sm.axmasoft.com/

Online 6.1 editor: http://ifiction.net/editor/

If you know JavaScript, there’s a new fancier version, however the full documentation is only in Russian. It Google Translates well, but the example images are still in Russian.
AXMA JS: https://axma.info/en/