Eliminating a rule response

Is there a way to disable the rule responses, as opposed to re-wording them??

The following rule does everything that I want in response to the player inquiring about the score–

Carry out requesting the score: if deednum is 0: say "In [turn count] turn[s], you still haven't done anything to earn points. Get a move on!"; otherwise: repeat with n running from 1 to deednum: choose row n in table 11; say "For [the deedname entry], you scored [the spoints entry] point[s]."; say "[paragraph break]So you have earned [score] out of a possible [maximum score], in [turn count] turn[s]."; say "Thus is the extent of your worth." The announce the score rule response (D) is "You just earned [number understood] point[s]...for [gooddeed]! [line break][deedadd]".
‘Deednum’ is simply the number of things the player did that increased the score. ‘Deedname’ is the thing that was done, and ‘spoints’ is the number of points awarded. This rule enumerates each thing done and the number of points, as well as the total, in the number of turns taken. And rule response (D) of course is the message prompted when the score increases, ‘deedadd’ being an additional message (or nothing). Table 11 is an initially empty table that gets filled as the game progresses, with information from each ‘increase the score’ routine. ‘Gooddeed’ is redefined in each rule, and the next ‘deedname’ entry in the table is filled by the latest ‘gooddeed’.

What I want to know is if I can disable the 'announce the score rule response (A), because it will fire automatically after my rule above executes. Even if I set (A) to “”, it will print an annoying period (.) on a line of its own.


Okay, I unlisted the ‘announce the score rule’, this worked, and my Carry out rule above works. But when I ‘end’ the game, it will still give the message ‘In that game, you scored…’, right after my rule above. How can I disable this? I am looking for how I can alter the ‘end the story’ routine.

To unlist:

The print final score rule is not listed in any rulebook.
To replace:

[code]The chatty final score rule is listed instead of the print final score rule in for printing the player’s obituary.

This is the chatty final score rule: say “Wow, you achieved a whole [score in words] point[s] out of a possible [maximum score in words]! I’m very proud of you. This was a triumph. I’m being so sincere right now.”[/code]

See the example in the Recipe Book:


Just saw that very example and replaced the rule with an ‘enumerate the score’ rule, which is simply

say "Here is what you did--[line break]"; try requesting the score.

thanks anyway!