Electrical Appliances - How to make them usuable easily

Hi guys, it’s me again probably with a silly question but yet again any help is really appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m trying to create a few rooms which desire electrical appliances to be used as part of the puzzles (or at least, just to make some of the rooms appear more realistic) and i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how i could make them interacable? as in the player could easily just type in “use cooker” or “use shower” and be able to use it without reservation. I’ve tried creating new commands but inform7 keeps screaming me saying i don’t have the right verb. I’ve used instead and before rules but it’s sort of diverting the players attention away from the object rather than directly to it

So yes, thankyou for anything you have to suggest code wise :slight_smile:

You can try something along these lines:

[code]Studio Apartment is a room. The cooker is a device in Studio Apartment. The shower is an enterable container in Studio Apartment. The hoojab is in Studio Apartment.

Using is an action applying to one thing. Understand “use [something]” as using.
Instead of using: say “You’ll have to be more specific about how you want to use [the noun].”
Instead of using the cooker: try switching on the cooker.
Instead of using the shower: try entering the shower.[/code]

And so on for other things that you can use. You’ll probably want to implement switching on the devices so that they’ll do something.

What was the code you were trying that didn’t work? (One trap I fell into: you can’t write “switching the cooker on,” it has to be “switching on the cooker.”)

You might want to look at the extension Modern Conveniences by Emily Short. I’ve never used it, but it creates some basic kitchen and bathroom appliances.