Educational classroom resources for IF? (using Chromebook)

I’m interested if anyone has developed a curriculum or lesson plans for teaching interactive fiction in the classroom.

I am a teacher and program director in Kenya, working with students coming out of extreme poverty. I teach an introductory computer class, hoping to give students some skills that will help them get into university or a successful career. And I’m finding more than a handful are very interested in going deeper than the basics. They can see that experience with computers and technology can open up so many doors. It brings a lot of hope for them, when most are facing pretty harsh and bleak living conditions.

Personally, I think authoring interactive fiction is a great blend of diverse skills - critical thinking, problem solving, logical analysis AND creativity, artistic expression, writing voice, and editing skills. These are skills that are easily transferrable to many areas of study and future careers.

Instead of just creating a curriculum from scratch, I’d be interested if anyone has already developed something that can be shared. Ideally, daily lesson plans with readings from the documentation and help files, as well as assignments given in class that practice the concepts for the day. Maybe even walking students through building their own story, right from the start, building their world as they go.

I’m open to any kind of authoring system, but I’m leaning towards Inform, TADS 3, or Twine. I like the option of a more robust programming language, allowing students to do more if they are interested. (I did check out the Adventuron link mentioned in a previous post, but I’m working with high school students looking for more of a challenge.)

Right now we are limited to Chromebooks. Does that rule out TADS development? I have tinkered a bit with Borogove, and it seems well setup as an online Inform IDE. (We may be getting a donation soon of PC laptops though, so that would open up more options.)

Thanks for your feedback!

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