Editable Stored Actions breaking "part of"?

I’m encountering a bug trying to use the Editable Stored Actions extension by Ron Newcomb. I don’t know if it is something I am doing wrong, or if Ron will read and be willing to help, or if there is some easy compatibility patch someone can recommend. The issue seems to stem from the extension using the wording “part of” in it’s decide phrases. This seems to conflict with the incorporation relation in the Standard rules that rely on “part of” for the verb.

I tried changing every instance of “part of” in the extension to “piece of”, and this resolves the conflict with the Standard Rules, but then it has a different error where the extension no longer understands it’s own code… for some reason, even though there is no instance of “part of” anymore, it seems to need it. I’m not sure how to proceed, as I really need the ability to control the different pieces/parts of an action in what I’m working on, and this extension is exactly that.

Include Editable Stored Actions by Ron Newcomb.

The kitchen is a room.

The player is in the kitchen.

An apple is in the kitchen. A stem is a part of the apple.

When play begins:
	repeat with x running through things that are part of the apple:
		say "error";

Edit: I may have found a workaround myself now, but I don’t know what caveats it might have. It looks like you just have to avoid the syntax “part of” and can invoke the relation like this instead:

When play begins:
	repeat with x running through things that are incorporated by the apple:
		say "[x]";

Again, I don’t know if “part of” can be universally avoided by using this syntax instead though.

That’s come up before; using “incorporated by” should work and note that it doesn’t break everywhere. (That discussion was under 6G60 but it still should hold.)

BTW it seems to me that this post probably belongs on the Editable Stored Actions thread. Part of (hee) the reason this hasn’t fixed in Editable Stored Actions may be that changing this would break every existing project that uses it. Not sure why changing it to “piece of” didn’t work though.

Wow… I never noticed that there was a whole section separate from the development threads for extensions :blush: … ok then, I’ll just be posting there for stuff like this now. Sorry about that.