Tentative suggestion:

What if we split into Ectocomp Classic (3 hours) and Ectocomp Extended (all weekend)?

I’m personally fond of the 3-hour rule because I know I can come up with 3 hours to work on something. Dedicating an entire weekend, or even an entire day, is probably impossible.

But on the other hand, I can entirely understand why people want a longer window, and I don’t want to hamper anyone’s fun.

A variant on the “surprise twists partway through” idea: perhaps for every half hour you take over the three-hour limit, you have to add one additional game/story element? So at 3.5 hours you have to add human bones somewhere in the story, at 4 hours some sort of undead has to make an appearance, at 4.5 a puzzle/subplot about hunger or thirst…

I like the 3-hour time limit as it is, but Carolyn’s alternate “ectocomp extended” idea sounds like a good alternative.

Hi all,

I am mulling these ideas over, and will launch the competition officially once I make my decision, later today.

J. J. Guest

I am about to announce the comp in another thread, and would like to request that this thread be closed.

Closing by organizer request.