Ectocomp: question re moneys

Hey all,

I’ve had someone interested in submitting to ECTOCOMP this year who’s wondering if it would be all right to have a game submitted during the comp that’s free to download while judging is on, but then switch to Pay-What-You-Want with a minimum amount afterwards (ie. not free).

I don’t think it’s against the spirit of the comp to find ways to monetize, but I’m unsure if having a game be paid-only after the comp ends would fit.

How do people here in the community feel about it?

Ectocomp has always been laid back, so I think it could be okay; there are no prizes anyway. You could subtly shift the divisions so that la petite mort is still the 3 hour section but Le Grand Guignol is more like spring things’ back yard section (if that’s what it’s called), where grand Guignol is not ranked.

If there’s a significantly improved post-comp release for money, while the original comp release remains free, that would make everybody happy.

My vote is to say yes to the guy. I prefer to have people in than out. Also, it is ok to say “it’s ok to monetize your works people, go get some money!”

There’s nothing stopping the game author/owner from rereleasing the work as paid-for, updated or not.

Thanks, everyone; I think the general consensus here (and elsewhere) seems to be, “Sure, go for it, although free + paid enhanced edition would be ideal”.

I’ll pass along this discussion to the person in question so they can get a sense for people’s reactions. Thanks!