I saw that post last night and placed what I thought was the 500th vote, only to see it was actually the 520th. Everyone’s been busy!

I’m going to try and play another handful of games today and maybe I can snag that 600th vote instead.


I’ve got three Petite Morts left, then I’ll see if I can play a Grand Guignol or two before time runs out. My main goal was to review every Petite Mort, so if I can do that, I’ll call it a success.


We just doubled the amount of ratings from last year!

Thanks so much to everybody for supporting Ectocomp, even in the shadow of IFComp. Y’all are a truly wonderful community.


And while I missed 500, it sounds like I got number 600!

The games with the fewest ratings currently have 12: Civil Seeming Drivel Dreaming, You’re In Deep, Euphoria Brighter Than A Comet, and Nowheresville. They’re all Grand Guignols, and time is short, but I’m going to see if I can raise at least some of those to 13.




Interestingly, three of the four of those are download only. I always knew that being playable in a browser has a big effect on how many people play your game, but it’s different to see it in action.


I still prefer download. I got my font and color settings juuuuuuuust right, especially for light sensitivity. I shouldn’t have to hack my browser with a plugin to wreck and survive the color palette of a browser-based game.


Absolutely valid, and in an ideal world all games would provide both. (I’ve bounced off quite a few games that don’t have the right color scheme for my particular issues, and you’re right that they’re much easier to fix that way.) But it seems like the small extra step of downloading a game will cause a lot of people to look elsewhere, which is a shame.


We’re at 648 now, which is 18 per entry. With another vote dump, maybe we can hit 666, which would be really, um, in keeping with EctoComp’s supernatural themes, for better or worse!

I might crash out before I rate everything, but I have maybe 5 left. I am deprioritizing a few Grand Guignols & maybe I’ll just write reviews for them instead.

Anyway, I’m quite happy I missed Ecuador vs Qatar today for this, and also that the main World Cup deluge starts tomorrow. Playing through the entries was worth it!

It’s good to see the minimum number of ratings at 12. I rated the 3 entries with 12 left, and none of them is forbidding, so it might be possible to boost the minimum to 13!

I rated Buggy early and was (pleasantly) shocked to see 30 total ratings for it when I switched browsers on the “rate remaining games” page.


I finally had a chance to play a few entries – a couple Grand Guignols, though I haven’t had time to really give anything its due so I’m looking forward to spending more time on them after the Comp is done. Anyway, I got the 666th rating – it was Something Blue, appropriately enough!

A fun, creepy time, so kudos, @EJoyce! The dream gave me a little shiver, and I enjoyed the mechanic, though I suspect my desire to play Helen as a perfect reticent gentlewoman led her to a bad end that might have been averted had I leaned a little more heavily into the HELP THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS BLUEBEARD options. Ah well, que sera sera!


I’m currently seeing only one game left with 12 ratings: Euphoria Brighter than a Comet. But also apparently that page only lists games I haven’t rated yet, so there could be more in the Petite Mort division (since I rated all of those already).

I don’t know if I can get another playing and rating done before the deadline, but maybe we can get every game to an appropriately-spooky 13!

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And I think we’ve done it! I don’t see any games with less than 13 ratings, and I imagine more people rated Petite Morts than Grand Guignols, so I’m pretty confident every game has at least 13 ratings (and most have more)!


And it’s done! The voting deadline has passed! Thank you to everyone who played and rated the entries!

Now all we have to do is wait nervously for the results…