You shudder, walking through the night breeze. Lights are flickering off in the distance and your chance of reaching safety in time is slimming. A shadow moves swiftly to your left; your gaze darts towards it but it disappears. Suddenly your eyes widen as you see your end approach before you … a looming ECTOCOMP 2017 has arrived!

This year, ECTOCOMP is being hosted on To keep voting from being confusing, it’s been set up with a separate “jam” page for each category:

La Petite Mort: games made in 3 hours or less
Le Grand Guignol: games which took longer than 3 hours to make

Thanks to Ruber, we also have ECTOCOMP 2017: Español Edition!

ECTOCOMP: La Petite Mort - Español
ECTOCOMP: Le Grand Guignol - Español

And of course, all games entered are required to be …


One not-so-slight change that’s a side effect of using to manage the game’s hosting and voting is that games are playable as soon as they’re submitted; however, voting will still only be open once the submission deadline has passed. (We’ll still make an announcement here when that time comes so people know they can go and vote!)

Show your intent to submit by clicking “Join Jam” on either page (or both! you can withdraw later when you know which category you fit in), and have fun writing!

Awesome this is on I already joined. Will there be warning/update mails sent? I’ve never been part of an jam before.

Also, are we able to enter more than one game? If so, what do we need to do?

Hi, you can contribute any number of games you want.

To do so you need to upload a game to itchio, then submit it to the jam/comp.

If you push the submit button, the system will ask you to create a new game for submitting.

Belated thanks for this! Now you mentioned it, it looks like something I could’ve searched for.

Anything that gets me to look at more is a good thing. I’ve meant to publish my old EctoComp games there for a while.

I’ve put up my game for La Petite Mort. It’s called YOUR PARTY IS DEAD; it can be played here:
Definitely going to make at least 1 game for Le Grand Guignol; I’ve been working on a Halloween game already this month, so this works well. :slight_smile:

Is there an official date for the Ectocomp deadline, i.e. the 30th or the 31st? I’m wondering which date should go on ifWiki, since it seems like it could vary depending on your time zone. (If the jam page is automatically adjusting the times to my time zone…)

Yes, the jam page automatically shows the deadline appropriate for your time zone.

So, I’m gonna tell the deadline for Spain and England.

Spain. 31 Oct, Tuesday at 7:59 AM.

England. 31 Oct, Tuesday at 6:59 AM.

The idea is to have the games available the day of the dead/halloween to play.

Also, itchio allows admins to add by hand late games to the party. So, if anyone just misses the deadline, they could talk to Josh or me, and see what we can do.

Thank you!