ECTOCOMP 2017 - open for judging!

What better way to spend Oct 31 than to walk through the dark streets, moving quickly to avoid the stares of beast and men (women?) alike … hiding your true self behind a mask as you gather your hoard of INTERACTIVE FICTION to consume upon returning to your shadowed lair?

ECTOCOMP 2017 submission period is over, and that means you, the reader, have an amazing set of SCARY IF to play!

Here’s the full lineup:

La Petite Mort

  • Something in the Night, AnssiR66
  • Who To Haunt, Katie Benson
  • Bloody Raoul, Ian Cowsbell
  • Do it, Santiago Eximeno
  • Revenge, forta
  • make build --deity, josh giesbrecht
  • little, Chandler M. Groover
  • YOUR PARTY IS DEAD, Naomi Norbez
  • Primer, Christina Nordlander
  • Corrupter of Dreams, Robert Patten
  • Civil Mimic, Andrew Schultz
  • Uxmulbrufyuz, Andrew Schultz

Le Grand Guignol

  • The Boot-Scraper, Caleb Wilson
  • All Visitors Welcome, bitterkarella
  • Saturdays, verity v.lee
  • dripping with the waters of SHEOL, Lady Isak Grozny
  • Fog Lights and Foul Deeds, Tom Sykes
  • The devil tree, aiwulf
  • Futility, aiwulf
  • Going Down, Hanon Ondricek
  • Where we’ll live for nine days, pseudavid
  • The Elevator Game, Owlor
  • The Rats in the Bulkhead, Bruno Dias

Voting is now live at the page for each category:
Le Grand Guignol
La Petite Mort

And for any Spanish speakers here, don’t forget to check out the entries to this year’s ECTOCOMP: Español Edition as well!

I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who’s contributed - this year’s lineup is fantastic, thanks to all of you!

Go! Play! Enjoy! Vote!


ps. There is one late entry coming very shortly, just FYI. Last-minute technical difficulties are a horrible reason to miss out on the fun!

Yeah, thank you, joshg. borrows the microphone

And the Spanish line up is:

Le Petite Mort

La venganza, forta
Vale, voy - Johan Paz
En la oscuridad, Dark Mike
Cinco divertidos juegos para Halloween, Santiago Eximeno
Retratos sobre la Violencia Española, Ruber Eaglenest

Le Grand Guignol

Somos el espejo, Miguel Muñoz Martín
Arkham Investigator, Delacannon

Don’t forget to make some nice comments on the games. Feedback would probably be very welcome to polish this gems. You can drop it here or in each comments section for each game at itchio.

Also, remember that you have just 6 days to play, judge and vote.

Enjoy the day of the dead!

Ruber Eaglenest.

Ooops, that made a total of 30 games. Not bad!

Happy Halloween!

Anyone have any info about how to play “Revenge”? Also, is there a way to play “All Visitors Welcome” if you’re not running windows?

Minor note: the game pages linked above have the page set to an “almost black” text color on a black background. The game titles are unreadable unless you highlight them.

(Unless this is some sort of meta light puzzle…)

Congratulations to the new organisers and to all the entrants, good luck!

All Vistitors Welcome can also be played online at … rs-welcome

Ah, thanks!

Do you mean the main Ectocomp pages on itch? They definitely hadn’t been intended to be unreadable!

Or did you mean individual games’ pages?

Edit: Never mind, I see what you mean! Don’t know why that text isn’t using the theme colors as per the rest of the jam page, but I’ve set the English sites to have a medium-tone grey for the time being so that hopefully it’s readable.

If things are still difficult to read, let me know and I’ll just overhaul! (Maybe msg me on Twitter if you can?)

To play Revenge, you need to go to kunludi website.!/ludi/games

Hit “idioma”

Change to English.

Return to “Games”.

Hit “Revenge”.

Hit “Load initial game state”.


Great – thanks!

Last year the judging period was open until Nov 30, but this year it seems to be over on Nov 6? Was that an intentional change?

I was wondering the same thing Doug was, so thanks for extending the deadline!

Er, oops! Judging is extended to actually match the usual timeframe!

(This was totally a “uh let’s put something there, I’ll fix it later” and then forgot it needed fixing)

Can anyone vote on these games? I noticed on my entry, it says: “This is your own project, you are not allowed to rate it. Other participants of the jam will be able to rate your project here.” Which makes it sound like only participants can vote. I assume the ratings on are what count as votes.

It’s been allowing me to submit ratings, and I’m not a registered participant.

Is that on the actual competition pages for the games?

It looks like there’s two types of ratings. My game says it has 3 ratings on its jam page, but it only has 1 on its game page. make build --deity says it has 4 on its jam page, but it has 0 on its game page. YOUR PARTY IS DEAD has 3 on both pages.

I probably just don’t understand how the website works…

I was able to vote on a jam page that wasn’t my game. On the main jam page with all the listings in boxes it has a banner on it that says “voted”.

Of course anyone should be able to vote on the main game page for any game with’s normal star ratings. I’d assume those don’t figure for the jam voting, but for the games natural score on the site.

Yeah, my worry is that other people might leave star ratings that don’t count as jam votes, but they’ll think they left a jam vote. Maybe that won’t happen.

That might be a good thing to update voters on. Hopefully, itch veterans know this but it is a bit confusing.

Or at least put a notice like that on the four jam entry pages. “Make sure you cast your vote on the individual game’s jam page!”

Although, it’s possible that the two pages might share the site rating? That’d be a good thing to check.

EDITED: I posted a question on their forum: