woo! Looks like a fairly sizable list this time, I’m excited!

Yes, lots of entries this year!

I’m at work at present but will be uploading the games and judging forms later today.


Time to get spooky!

rubs hands in anticipation


At last! The witching hour is upon us! The 10th Annual ECTOCOMP entries are ready and waiting to turn your spine to jelly!

The official webpage with download links can be found here:


This year there are 16 entries for La Petite Mort and 5 for Le Grand Guignol!

Individual judging forms for the two competitions can be found in the zipped files.

Have fun!

Wait, my game seems to be missing?

Edit: Aha, I see it’s in the zipped file but not listed in the website.

That’s a relief! I thought I’d been thorough!

Website updated.

Hello! I see my game, “The Periwink,” listed on the website, but I don’t see it the downloads…

I am not trying to sound ungrateful, but the page is a little vague with it just being described as “#10” and the bottom reading:

“The judging period ends at midnight GMT on 30th November 2015.”

Thank you.

Sorry. Bit of a rush-job. I’ve amended the date of the judging period and added 2016 to the text. Hope that clears things up.

No reason to apologize, I appreciate all of the work you’ve done, and the page would look very nice in my opinion with a “2016” replacing the “#10” as well as the “2015”. Thank you.


Those of you who downloaded La Petite Mort before 20:22 GMT (16:22 EST) - please be aware that your copy of the zipped file may be missing one entry - The Periwink. Please re-download the amended .zip file.


I downloaded the two zipped files fine, and then I downloaded them a second time in response to your update. The difference is that this second time they have been flagged as potentially dangerous? Yeah, I tried a third time with the same result, my security programs are going nuts over them. I have no doubt that they are 100% safe files, it is just that I did not encounter this problem the first time around.

I have no explanation for this. Only Le Grand Guignol was updated, to add the missing game. I’ve downloaded them myself several times and all seems fine.

Site looks great, and the titles are very promising.

Ok, sorry, it was some wonky problem with chrome. They both downloaded clean and fine. Thank you.

Hello! I’ve got all the games up on IFDB!

Well done Verity!

Awesome job!

Unrelated: I noticed my walkthrough was the wrong version. I forgot to hit ctrl-s before zipping the game up. So the walkthrough is missing spoilers and explanation.

Talking with the comp organizer, he said the best thing to do was to put a link in the topic. So: