And the results of ECTOCOMP 2016, the 10th annual Hallowe’en IF Competition, are as follows:

La Petite Mort

  1. The Periwink (8.4)
  2. Low (8.375)
  3. Howled House (7.94)
  4. Honeysuckle / Light into Darkness (7.8)
  5. The Unstoppable Vengeance of Doctor Bonesaw (7.42)
  6. Because You’re Mine (7.25)
  7. The Curious Incident at Blackrock Township (7.15)
  8. Train of Life (6.85)
  9. What to Do When You’re Alone / Scars / A Checkered Haunting (5.75)
  10. Toiletworld Omega (5.5)
  11. Flight of the Necrovoyager (4.88)
  12. Going Home (4)
  13. Edith’s Cat (3.42)

Le Grand Guignol

  1. Bring Me A Head! (9.75)
  2. Four Sittings (8.33)
  3. Vlad the Impala / Psychomanteum (8.17)
  4. A Friend to Light Your Way (7)

Judging forms with comments will available to all entrants soon, on request. If voters would prefer me not to include their names on the judging forms, please let me know as soon as possible by email or PM.

Congratulations to the winners, Jebediah Berry and Chandler Groover! And a big thank you to all who entered and voted.

J. J. Guest

Well done everyone!

This was a great EctoComp. So many good games! Thanks for hosting it again, J.J.

I played them all at the last moment and had a lot of fun. This comp has a nice history of entertaining and interesting games. I decided in the end that I didn’t want to rate anything, though; I think I’m just kind of burnt out on rating things.

Thanks to JJ and all of the entrants!

Thanks for the contest! And thanks to all players!

Oh wow! Yes, thanks all. And thanks to J.J. for making Ectocomp happen. This was a blast.

Thanks again for holding this. I am sad I didn’t put the time aside to judge. Maybe I’ll play the games later. From the scores it looks like there were some good ones.

Woo! Congrats, all [emote]:)[/emote] And thanks JJ for running this. It’s always a delight.

Thank you for running this comp, and thank you to all of the authors for making so many incredible games! I was very impressed with how much you were able to accomplish within such a limited time frame!

Very cool! Good show, everyone! [emote]:)[/emote]

edit: 8th place, same as IFComp '16! I guess 8 is my lucky number! XD

Thanks for running this again, J. J. – lots of fun as always. (Are the judging forms with comments available yet? I’d like to request mine if they are!)

Having two 8th results on comps in '16 is a pretty neat result. [emote]:geek:[/emote]

Hi Caleb, I’ll send you the judging forms this afternoon, when I get home!