The games will be released the morning of Halloween, Pacific Time. I’ll post any game that comes to me before then. So far we have 7!

please please please [emote]:)[/emote]


And mine makes 8.

I haven’t had any submissions for a banner, so I went ahead and made up a quick one just so we don’t go bannerless this year.

Wow! That must’ve been exhausting. Feel free to sleep in a bit extra if you need to, so that when you check your mail, someone’s scrambled last-minute early-morning potential masterpiece just could slip in.

Someone else’s masterpiece, of course. Not mine. Mine’ll be in just past midnight, because I’m punctual like that.

(Seriously, it looks cool. Nice job.)

Looks awesome. Can’t wait to play the entries.

We still have till the end of today to get our entries in, right? I only went and accidentally deleted most of mine when it was nearly done.

Argh, I thought the deadline was on the 31st. I just finished too. Bleh, maybe next year. Here’s what I had anyway.

The deadline is not a firm cut-off. We want to be as inclusive as possible. If you’ve got something that fits the Ectocomp criteria, please do send it to me and I’ll include it as part of the competition.

Ah, peas, I didn’t finish my game in time. Well, good luck to everyone else who entered!

I sent MY game to JJ. Hope to be in time. For clarification: bowsmand at g mail, right?

Sorry for being lame.

No apologies necessary. Five games came in “past the deadline,” and I want to be clear that if someone really wants to join and can finish their game and have it to me before Halloween is over, I will add it and update the DropBox link. However, it might not get added immediately, as I’ll be busy playing games and generally celebrating.

The games are available now from the announcement or here. This year, find 17 frighteningly fun experiments sacrificed to the spirit of Ectocomp. They include, in no particular order… (now +2 makes 19!)

halloween candy triage simulator 2014 by j. marie [candysim.html]
Lime Ergot, by Rust Blight [lime.z5]
A Fly on the Wall, by Nigel Jayne [A Fly On the Wall.zblorb]
It Is Pitch Black, by Caelyn Sandel [it-is-pitch-black.html]
The Voodoo You Do 2, by Marshal Tenner Winter [The Voodoo You Do 2.gblorb]
Candlesmoke, by Caelyn Sandel and Carolyn VanEseltine [Candlesmoke - Ectocomp.html]
City of the Living Dead, by Tanah Atkinson [CityoftheLivingDead.html]
First Person, by Buster Hudson [First Person.gblorb]
Eclosion, by Buster Hudson [Eclosion.html]
Carriage Returns, by David Good [Carriage Returns.gblorb]
Character Creator, by Erin Gigglecreek [charactercreation.z8]
IDSPISPOPD, by Christopher Brent [IDSPISPOPD.html]
Candy Rush Saga, by Andrew Schultz [Candy Rush Saga.zblorb]
Wedding Day, by E. Joyce [Wedding Day.zblorb]
The Weird Mirror, by M.J. Antonellis [The Weird Mirror.html]
LISEY, by Marco Innocenti [lisey.gblorb]
ACAG (Another Clichéd Adventure Game), by David Whyld [ACAG.html]
Devil’s Food, by Hanon Ondricek []
Choose Your Own SPOOKY Death, by Healy [CYODEATH.html]

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Just finished (re-finished actually) my game. I like being fashionably late.

Thanks for allowing all the lateness! I told myself I wouldn’t be, but I was. Looking forward to all 15 (or more) of the other games.

Just to be clear, didn’t this comp originate as an ADRIFT comp? Are any of the entries this year written in ADRIFT?

By the way are there judging criteria for the games?

David, e-mail me your game and I’ll update the file. Yes, Ectocomp was originally ADRIFT-only. In 2011, we opened up to multiple platforms. 2012 is the latest Ectocomp to have any ADRIFT games in it, though we’re certainly still open to them.

Judging criteria is a 1-10 rating of each game, possibly with notes or highlights about the game or your play of it. Authors skip over rating your own games. You can do a full-fledged review or just give a number rating, it’s up to you. E-mail them to me and I’ll figure out the results. They’ll be posted whenever everyone thinks is a good deadline. I’m thinking maybe November 22nd. That would give people 3 weeks to play and vote.

Just sent my game now.

Just a small heads-up that my entry was, uh, damaged in shipping.

This should be rectified shortly. But if you simply can’t wait to play the world’s only halloween-themed interactive fiction starring John Carmack, you can play IDSPISPOPD on its native home of the web.

Apologies, Hatless. The whole .zip for your game is now included and people should play that version. David, your game is in. Previous messages have been updated with link to the spooOOOooOOky, new