Eclipse plugin available for Twee3 + SugarCube

I have created an Eclipse plugin for Twee3 (assuming SugarCube) that works with Eclipse. Files whose names end with “.tw” get syntax highlighting. It assumes you use something like tweego to create stories, but doesn’t include a builder. If you use Eclipse, you may find it useful.


Updated to version 0.4: checks SugarCube macro names and arguments.

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Thanks heaps! Is it much different to other sugarcube syntax highlighters out there? I literally just got twee and tweego working so now I’m on the hunt for a good highlighter! I guess I was wondering if you made it because you didn’t like the other ones or??

I wanted something that worked with Eclipse; I didn’t see any other twee Eclipse plugins. I hoped it might be useful to others. It does a little bit more than just highlighting (it detects undeclared macros, for example). If you try it and have problems getting it to work, let me know. It could be something minor.

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Yeah cool ok that sounds great! Thanks for your help :slight_smile: