Early Beta Testers Sought

I’m putting together what promises to be a reasonably lengthy IF game, but one that relies on a new and slightly unusual mechanic quite strongly. As such I’d like to get playtesting started as early in the creation process as possible and release it to the testers in an episodic format. It’s a sci-fi / detective thriller with a hint of the supernatural written in Inform and playable via Z-machine.

Any takers?


I would love to but don’t have time – but one thing you could do (it sounds like you’re doing it already but I’m not sure) is tell people they don’t have to test every release. Just put the schedule of releases up somewhere and if people have time that week (or month, or whatever) they can test.

Here’s a game that’s doing that, it seems to work well:


Well, the idea will be that each subsequent release will start the player off at a later stage in the game, so yes people would be able to test as much or as little as they liked. At the moment I’m just concerned that the investigation mechanics are simple and elegant enough for people to solve the puzzles.


Hallo. I have been known to be interested in stuff. Are you still interested in people who are interested in stuff?


Ummm… yes? :slight_smile:


Good! Shall we talk business, then?

Sure! Drop me a private note with your email address and I’ll send you a copy of the most recent build.