Dynamic Automap and Applied Geomancy

As I continue to sort through old extensions, I found one that was going to be used in the sequel to Scroll Thief before that project died. It’s an automapper that’s designed to synergize with the coordinate system in Aaron Reed’s “Dynamic Rooms” extension.

Today I spent a while cleaning it up, extending it, and making it work properly, and now I think it’s ready to get some outside eyes on it. There are a couple things I still need to fix—in particular, rooms at the edges of the map don’t always show their “down” and “up” exits properly—but overall it seems to work well enough that I need some other people to try to break it now. (No coding necessary—just try to make edge cases happen in the demo game and see if the map handles them properly.)

To that end, here’s the extension, and a short demo game I made with it, called “Applied Geomancy”. It should take about two to three minutes to beat.

Do let me know what you think! Once it’s held up to a bit of testing, I’ll consider it safe for public use and toss it in the repository.

Dynamic Automap.i7x (7.5 KB)

Applied Geomancy source (9.1 KB)

Applied Geomancy.zblorb (401.5 KB)