"Dungeons & Deadlines - An Epic Game of Work-Life-Balance" (Card game created in Twine)

Hi, I’ve just published my new Twine game – a satirical card game about the horrors of the office space called Dungeons & Deadlines. I really hope you enjoy it. I also created soundtrack. You can play it for free and online at:

http://dungeonsanddeadlines.com or

Works on Desktop and Mobile!

Here is the description:

Imagine a world where you sell your labour power for less than the value produced by your labour, and your company profits from this surplus value. Welcome to Dungeons & Deadlines, a card game where you have to balance work and life, success and sanity, career and family to survive the probation period. How long will you last? Will you burn out or fade away?

Created by Synthwave artist Miles Matrix during an extreme bout of depression as a means to a voice, Dungeons & Deadlines is a satirical look at daily work place horror and the meaningless emptiness of capitalism played out via cards. The aim of the game is to survive the probation period of 62 days – but at what cost?

  • Over 40 Work and Life cards respectively
  • A dozen Go To Work Early / Later and Work Overtime / Go Home cards respectively
  • 5 different outcomes based on your balance – if you survive the probation period
  • With an original 5-song chiptune soundtrack by game creator Miles Matrix (available on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and many more) – including the bonus track “Capitalism Stole My Virginity”, a cover of The (International) Noise Conspiracy.