Dump of an old project


When I was still tooling around in I7 i wanted to make an extension that could help generate place names, people names, random dates, planet names, etc etc…
however, due to a catastrophic hard drive failure i lost a lot of work. my backstory generator - woosh! gone.

here’s everything i have left.

it can generate 2x1000x27x1000 different names based on the 1000 most common american last names, 1000 most common american first names for men, and 1000 most common american first names for women. only as i type this now i’m thinking that i could have done a second middle name or initial as well. oh well.

not everything is finished, perhaps not everything makes sense. but this could be of some use to some of you. :smiley: i release this code to be OPEN SOURCE!!! hurray!

it may take you a bit to go through the code to see what everything does but…

man just thinking about it makes me sad my automatic radio talkshow host newscaster sports weather thing was lost in the crash. :c

code.txt (63.2 KB)

Wow… I just read through it. Impressive! And useful. I have a room full of people I need to randomly name and this should make that easy.

you’re welcome :smiley:

the version right before the crash was super powerful it would have these really complicated sentences generated like quadrintillions (probably not a number but you know what i mean) of variations of radio caster messages about a wide range of topics, it did auto generated fortunes, it was amazing.

nowadays if i try to run glulxe malwarebytes picks it up as a trojan. shrug

i figured i’d return what i got to the community that helped me build it :smiley: