dual-wielding 6G60 and 6L02 (OS X)

Are there any tips or tricks to keeping 6G60 around for use on old projects while still having 6L02 for new ones? Is it as simple as just having both applications around, or will I have to worry about overwriting my old copies of extensions? For that matter, is there a problem with renaming the applications so I can keep them both in my Applications folder?

Renaming the apps is no problem. Using them both is no problem. Both open at once is fine too, although I suspect they’ll step on each other’s notion of the “current window position”. (Really they get that wrong even when one app is open at a time.)

They use the same extension path, so if you install extensions with each of them they can collide. I guess you’ll have to keep 6G60 extensions in your global path, and put 6L02 extensions in the materials folder of the project, if there’s a conflict.

I’ve been using old and playing with new, except I haven’t yet updated extensions.