Dragon hatas gonna hate

Alright, who’s the ungrateful churl who voted ‘Not Helpful’ on my review of Dragon Hunt?


“0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:”

It’s an outrage!

I assume it’s one of the same 2 people who voted against Peter Pears’s review of the same game. What is with you Dragon Hunt (review) hatas?

  • Wade


I can tell you that one of the people who voted “no” was a person with whom I had a conversation I’d rather forget about suicide (from his point of view people who did it were weak and therefore worse than other people), as a result of a review that he’d written on a game about suicide.

In a whim, that person voted every review of mine, to that date, as “unhelpful”, thinking it would bother me. It actually amused me somewhat, that one could be so childish.

EDIT - The review itself seems to have been deleted. Good riddance.


And here I was thinking you were going to be posting to say that somebody new had taken the trouble to vote both our reviews of Dragon Hunt down another notch since I posted this topic, which I did not fail to notice :slight_smile:

  • Wade

Ok, new review of Dragon Hunt up and two people dislike it already.

I guess there are two people around who must really hate the game. I mean, three reviews by three different authors, each one written with different perspectives, and all of them get “two dislikes”? Coincidence?

The game has two authors, maybe they both didn’t like what you’d all said about it?

I pretty much gave it high praise. Those would be weird authors indeed.

EDIT - Oh hey, the jerkyy “Suicide” review and comments are still there after all. I’d just “plonked” them.

Peter, re: your review comment about the pink elephant. I had thought of that, but I decided at the time that the kind of person who would appreciate (and heed) a warning about the tags is the kind of person who’s trying to avoid a spoiler. The person who may have a pink elephant problem would be the kind who hadn’t thought about spoilers or tags either way before reading the review, then suddenly couldn’t control their compulsion to look at the tags after I mentioned them. I then blame their brain, but between my line in the review and your comment on it, the problem is potentially getting worse :slight_smile: So I removed the line, and you can remove your comment.

  • Wade

Done. :slight_smile: But you didn’t have to remove it, maybe just spoilerise it? Which I know kinda defeats the purpose, but still.

And re compulsion… I understand you’re probably not that sort. But being of that sort myself, I do appreciate you removing the elephant. :slight_smile:

FWIW I downloaded and played Dragon Hunt because i was intrigued by the mystery in Wade’s warning not to look at the tags. (And I upvoted his review.)

Strike one against my well-meant but misplaced concern.