Draggable between rooms?

Now the noun is pushable between rooms;

is working for me, but what if I want it to be pullable or draggable between rooms? Using those two words in the code above doesn’t work… does this functionality exist out of the box? Or is “pull” designed to be used for something special on the spot, like pulling a cord? The fact that “drag” is its synonym makes me think you should be able to drag something similarly to the way you’d push it.

I think what’s throwing you off the mark is the idea that “normal” pushing and pushing between rooms would somehow be related or that one would be a special case of the other. That is not true, they are not related any more than for example jumping and singing are. They are separate actions that just have confusingly similar names. For dragging and pulling between rooms to work you just add synonyms to the “pushing it to” action just like with any other action:

Understand "pull [something] [direction]" as pushing it to. Understand "pull [something] to [direction]" as pushing it to. Understand "drag [something] [direction]" as pushing it to. Understand "drag [something] to [direction]" as pushing it to.

Oh… well actually I wasn’t trying to turn “push” and “pull” into synonyms.

Thinking of how I would play my game if I were the player, I decided that I would “push” a vehicle if I wanted to move it and couldn’t drive it. If I wanted to get a detached airplane wing somewhere, though, I’d pull or drag it.

So how do I make the wing pullable or draggable (I need a “now” statement as it only becomes that way after you unscrew it)? Is that merely a function of it being portable? And if so, could I make it pushable/draggable without making it portable? In other words, intuitively, after you drag something it would be in the room with you, but not in your inventory list. I don’t want the player envisioning himself happily dancing around with an airplane wing under his arm.

If that’s not how pulling/dragging is out of the box, then I suppose I can try to reprogram it. However, knowing the trouble I’m having reprogramming “screw” and “unscrew” (see other thread), maybe I’ll just find another way to proceed.

Now that I rethink what you said, I suppose I could solve my problem by making push and pull synonyms, and just dealing with the unlikely awkwardness of the player pulling a vehicle or pushing a wing.