Dr Horror's House of Terror - Post comp release

OK, I’ve just done an update to Dr Horror’s House of Terror on IFDB. It’s not huge - fixes several bugs and typos.

I’ve also released it on itch.io if anyone prefers that.

Hopefully, in fixing stuff, I haven’t broken other stuff. Always a worry!

Thanks and enjoy!



Did you update the version number? Both the one linked to on IFDB and Itchio still say version 1.

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The version is still 1, but the serial number is 211121, meaning it was built on November 21st. So my guess is, the build is good!

I’ve certainly forgotten to update the version, too. Sometimes I’m so eager to say “yay, release 2,” I update that line of code then forget to do anything else. And sometimes the reverse occurs.

Congrats on getting a post-comp release out so quickly especially for such a big game!


Crap. I don’t even know how to do that in Inform, and never even thought about it.

Yeah, it’s … not super critical, but it’s neat to know, and if I’m spinning my wheels for a post-comp release, it’s nice to add the “The release number is…” line, or change it. I feel a bit more competent.

The “Releasing” chapter of the Inform documentation has more. For me it was neat to know I could tinker with all that, even if it doesn’t improve the actual story.

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I’ve wondered for ages what the serial numbers meant, so thanks for answering that. I just thought they were randomly generated numbers.

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It took me a while to realize, too! I might have missed it if I hadn’t programmed in Inform and noticed that the dates for included header files were six digits as well.

As a side note: I’ve had testers check the serial number to say “Oops, I think this is from two weeks ago/not the latest build” or, sometimes, I’ve pointed it out myself.

Back on topic: it’ll be interesting to see how much I remember of the puzzles. I also want to poke around at the final fight and try to win with both armies.

And I appreciate the motivation/leading by example to get my own (smaller) efforts out post-comp!