Downloading TADS toolkit

I was trying to download the TADS toolkit on windows 10. I receive a message saying “Class not registered”. Any ideas on what to do?

Hm. Never seen that before.

Have you tried with a different browser?

Thanks, will try.

Does this happen with any other files that are executable that you try to download?

That particular error is usually Windows-specific, not browser-specific. It often means some library file (DLL) that Windows relies on has become unregistered. When that DLL file is called by some application, Windows can’t link the file to something it knows how to execute and that’s what “Class not registered” means.

If it is in fact browser-specific, Edge is usually the culprit. A worse case scenario is that the problem is with Explorer. There are lots of sites out there explaining various fixes. They are mostly the same, dealing with slight differences with how the error manifests.

As a quick aside that may not be relevant now but might once you get the above issue resolved: t3setupd.exe (what you are likely trying to download) is often flagged by various security programs. Norton, for example, may flag it under “File Insight”. So just be aware of that as well.