Double re-release of double rhyming games! (

Very Vile Fairy File release 3 (12/12)

On 12/12, it only seemed appropriate to be able to release version 3 of Very Vile Fairy File. It features considerable speedup (for web play) and better homophone detection, as well as a sort of narrative after you score points. I couldn’t finish this up, so maybe there will be a small release 4 update. But I think I’ve added enough technical stuff for now.

The release notes also contain two testing commands that I gave to testers so they could skip the beginning, or skip to the end. Hopefully this is handy if you just want to see the end bits–there’s a list of all the silly random text (songs, people, books, etc.) at the end.

The source control is at

Quite Queer Night Near release 2 (12/9)

I also re-released Quite Queer Night Near on 12/09/2019, another silly date. The cheat/help mechanic is now a grouchy NPC, and there’s a lot more spooky scenery and good guesses. In fact, it is possible to run through the game without guessing anything correctly and just using the hint device/NPC! There are no additional points.

Working on one of these games helped spur changes in the other, and vice versa. It’s been a good experience for me. Zarf’s python scripts were particularly helpful.

The source control is at