Dorking about with Apple II BASIC "text adventure"

So, just messing about with BASIC, because fandom. Maybe Stranger Things nostalgia will boost IF like it has a lot of other 80s goodness.

This is a partially developed grid-based text adventure written in BASIC running on an Apple II emulator. (BASIC was weirdly featured on Stranger Things and Apples were a major microcomputer in the 80s, which is when the show is set)

The dsk image file and the source code as text files in a zip: …

I just realized I posted this on April Fool’s Day… so I thought I better provide proof that it really exists… as much as it does at the moment.

well, the reference site for apple ][ documentation & images seems to still be the one named after a major science-fiction writer… so perhaps you have done right to provide a link to the actual thing :smiley:

Interesting code, anyway.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

The limitations of old variants of BASIC and older computers in general are fun to explore. :slight_smile:

This is cool! Especially since it marks my first time using an Apple II. Do let us know if any more development happens.

I’ve updated it a little. Added the theme song to the title card and I’ve been working on converting Stranger Things images into Apple II graphics (which may or may not actually be used in the game. I think the Demogorgon image will make it in for the “bad ending” at least :slight_smile:

Youtube video showing off the theme in Apple beeps:

Youtube video showing off the stranger things slideshow:

Youtube video showing off the stranger things slideshow (in classic green):

Here’s a zip file on that has the dsk image for the game (with the theme music), a dsk image for the slideshow, and the BASIC code as text files: …

Hope you get a kick out of it. :slight_smile:

(forgot to actually add the link for the dsk image before, so I edited the above to add it in)

well, you used applesoft (that is, m$ basic ported and (heavily) adapted to the ][ ) and more “variant” in apple ][ environment should be the integer basic.

another major non-m$ basic I’m aware is the Sinclair one, whose thanks to Quill and later creators, was never full probed & explored for text adventure/IF working.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Yeah, Integer BASIC actually has built-in chaining, if I recall correctly. However, Applesoft was in more common use (at least in my school/area) so I went with that for the nostalgia factor.