Doors Using More Than One Way To Get To The Same Two Places

Here’s what I mean.

I used to code doors/stairs all the time that used more than one direction to get to the same two places. A stairway leading east and downwards, for example, should in theory be able to be traversed by both the “e” and “d” commands.

The bulletproof door is a door in the Bomb Shelter. The description of it is "It is designed to keep out attacks by the gremlins." It is up from the Bomb Shelter and down from the Lawn. It is east from the Bomb Shelter and west from the Lawn.

When I try to compile such code, I get this sort of error:


Instead of going down in the Lawn: try going west.

and so forth.

Of course. So easy, I missed it! D’oh! xD Thanks