Door help

I’m new at using inform 7. I have a room called hole of dirt and a room to the north of it called magic land. i make a door north of hole of dirt and i get an error help please!

You can’t have both a room and a door north of Hole of Dirt, so you need to make the door north of Hole of Dirt and south of Magic Land. Thus:

Hole of Dirt is a room. Magic Land is a room. The big door is a door. The big door is north of Hole of Dirt and south of Magic Land.

when i do that i get an error

the magic door is a door north of the hole of dirt and south of magic land. magic sword unlocks magic door.

You need a comma between object-definition and object-property-defining ‘is’ phrases (“is a door” and “is north of”, in this case). This is one case where the natural language appearance of I7 can burn you, because that comma is not necessary in written English.

Ooh! I had no idea that you could do that with a mere comma (I would have thought it necessary to use two distinct sentences)! Well, I’ll sure keep that in mind.

Generally, when you have multiple declarative sentences with the same subject and verb, they can be combined into comma-delimited phrases.

But, for example, this is not true for sentences that merely share the same noun:

Bob wears a hat, carries a wand, a staff. results in Bob being a person wearing three things: “a hat”, “carries a wand”, and “a staff”. (In case you’re wondering, replacing those commas with "and"s doesn’t fix it.) Natural language only goes so far.

Using a bunch of separate sentences is wordier, but easier to get right.