Doncha Wish Your Forum Was Hot Like Mine

It is absolutely worth writing a game just to get into the super-classy author forum.

Right now people are writing and posting poetry about this year’s comp.

They’ve already written some great imitative works in a different thread.

Seriously, the games are pretty good but the forum is AWESOME.

Certain bits will rapidly become public (with the respective author’s permission) when the voting has ended.

Stick around on November 16. It’ll be worth it.

(imagining that next year, everyone in the community submits and no one is left to judge)

Miss Congeniality is the top prize anyway, right?

How does getting to view the author’s forum work? Is there a forum mod who must be notified when one publishes a game?

I have some vague recollection of being able to view it years ago after I made an IntroComp entry, but now it’s hidden.

She means the forum for IFComp authors, which is open to people with submissions in the current IFComp; jmac set it up so it would automagically give you access if you associated a forum username with your ifcomp account (Or if you asked him afterwards).