Donating IFComp 2022 Winnings to IFTF

Hi there!

I’m going to donate my future winnings (ha, as if!) from IFComp 2022 back to the IFTF.

As a participant in IFComp this year, I’m (mostly) here for feedback, which is why I’m donating my winnings back to the IFTF. (I wonder how common this is?) So, as always, thank you to everyone out there — reviewers, judges, participants, and our general audience — thank you all!

Now, I also suppose for this post to help spur others with a similar desire to donate their winnings back, but for whatever reason, doesn’t know where to start. I’m not sure where to start myself, but I doubt the process entails more than an email to (Right, @Jacqueline?) Perhaps this post is another way to start this process?

P.S. I was also going to use this post to renounce any placement I gain in the results of the competition, but I’m not. My intention for renouncing placement was so I could have unfettered freedom to interact with feedback (i.e., the reason I’m in the comp) without having judges perceive me as influencing their ratings (I don’t care about ratings or placement). However, I thought the process of renouncing placement might be tricky, so for now, I’ll try to somewhat fetter my responses to feedback.

P.P.S. I have also forgotten to show appreciation to everyone that has provided a review for a comp entry, so prepare for an incoming tsunami of hearts!


The easiest way to do this is to leave the “paypal address” field blank in your IFComp entry page. Then we’ll mark the reward as “declined” and roll it over into next year (as a starting donation).

Yeah, I don’t see how that would work. The results are the results.


If you genuinely prefer to enter competitions where placement doesn’t matter, the Spring Thing competition is fairly large and has a Back Garden section where you receive no placement whatsoever and are ineligible for rewards. IFComp is definitely a placement-focused competition!

I think donating back the money is nice, but I definitely wouldn’t pressure others into doing it. For a lot of people the winnings can actually be beneficial. Quite a few IFComp participants don’t have much money; I know there were a couple years I entered where I didn’t have any money for Christmas presents and IFComp winnings were good for that, and a couple of people I knew in the past really needed the money as well. It would make sense for well-off participants to send the money back, but I’ve noticed that when people are called on to be generous like that, often the people that respond the best are the ones that can worst afford it.


Thanks for the tip on Spring Thing! I was not aware of that. :smile:

I totally agree with you, Brian! Thanks for letting me know I was being ambiguous.

So I’d like to make myself clear: I was not pressuring anyone to do anything. If you need the money, please do not donate it back to the IFTF!! In case anyone else might misinterpret my intentions (seems to happen a lot to me from some people), I did not intent to look like I was recommending to donate your winnings back. (You earned it, please enjoy it however you please!)

I was simply interested with how to get the process started for anyone with a similar desire and circumstance that I have.

Thanks again, Brian, for allowing me to clarify my mistake here that you’ve pointed out.


Don’t fill in your PayPal info. Jac is very nice and will email you to make sure you don’t want the money, and just email her back to say they should keep it.

I declined mine last year because I am lucky enough to be in a position to do so, and because I didn’t expect it anyway. I mean, there’s ever any money in IF? Weird. But if you win money, go ahead and take it if you need it or even just want it. It’s yours, you won it, be happy.


I have a Lucy Van Pelt attitude to this: “Christmas is about the joy of getting. Getting all you can get while the getting is good.”



It is definitely awesome to donate to IFTF, though as @mathbrush says everyone’s in different places so there’s no right or wrong way for folks to approach this question in my opinion.

Personally, since my finances have fortunately been pretty solid lately, I like to donate right before the Comp because it’s fun to help make the little Colossal Fund bar go up, then when I’ve gotten prize money use that to take my wife out to dinner or splurge a little on some cool book or game for myself – which I guess isn’t too far off from just declining the prize money, modulo the transaction fees, I suppose, but I think subjectively feels more fun!


My strategy was I kept IFComp winnings in a specific PayPal account, and that was designated for Game Stuff: paying for and donating to games and projects such as the Colossal Fund. I also used some for for artist commissions for some of my other projects.