Dominique Pamplemousse - new game being funded on Indiegogo!

Heyo, IFers!

Since so many of you enjoyed my work on The Play last year, I thought I’d let you all know about the crowdfunding campaign for my next project. It’s called Dominique Pamplemousse in “It’s All Over Once The Fat Lady Sings!” and it’s a stop motion musical detective point-and-click adventure game for desktop PCs and iPads. (Yes, you read that correctly. All of it.)

Anyway, come hither and check it out, and contribute whatever you can, if you feel so inclined. Everything helps!

I’ve been writing a series of blog posts on the game’s development. First one’s on stop motion puppet-making, and you can check it out here: … e-puppets/

This is such a unique idea, I hope it makes its funding target!

There’s something gripping about stop-motion, whether it’s Wallace and Gromit or The Neverhood. I just love it.

I now have a playable demo up:

I’m totally excited about this (I’ve loved your past work, and the setup of this one sounds great), but I can’t seem to play it on my computer. The game goes off the bottom of my browser window – I only barely managed to click whatever it was that I needed to click to get past the splash screen, and I certainly couldn’t read it; the next screen seems like I’m still going to need to see that part of the screen to make any progress. Resizing the browser window doesn’t help. I’m on a reasonably large screen (15" MacBook Pro) and don’t have access to anything bigger. Is there anything I can do?

Making the window full screen (I don’t recall the proper name of the feature introduced in Lion - click that arrow in the top right of the window) helped enough to make it playable on my 13" MacBook Pro. (If I hide the toolbar too, I can almost see the whole thing.)

You could also try going directly to … tainer.swf – it won’t be perfect because you’ll be able to see offscreen characters, but it’ll resize the swf for you to fit your browser window. If that doesn’t help, let me know and I’ll try and figure out a better solution.

(In the full game, since it’ll be a desktop app, I plan to autoresize if you’re running a screen smaller than 1024x768.)

I just played the demo and I thought it was charming and fun, so I’ve put my money where my mouth is. Then I took it out because I know where the money’s been, and then I signed up for an account on indiegogo and the rest is history. (That is to say, there is a definite digital trail indelibly wrought on a server somewhere that future historians could find.)

D’aww, thanks!

I actually went and resized the demo to be a bit smaller, which should be friendlier to laptop screens. I also re-added scrollbars, which the Flash HTML export had removed for some weird reason.

Excellent; thanks Deirdra! Signal boosted.

Next dev blog post is up, this time on how I make music: … sse-music/

Just a reminder that this project has one week left to get funded!

5 days left! Also, new perk updates, which now include sheet music of all the songs in the game: … k-updates/

done! fingers crossed! the sheet music perk is awesome!

Thank you! 2 days left and 27% to go! It’s getting there!

There’s been a flurry of late donators and they are making things very interesting. I don’t have a graph but donations have clearly picked up in the last few days. It’s also nice that if the worst happens and this funding project misses, there’s still probably enough for a good chunk of creativity. Or so the fundee won’t have to wait and save too long to make this a reality.

Btw, I was on the fence about how much to re-fund especially if you want to upgrade your gifts… There’s a good explanation here (go back to 8 days ago:) … &a=1022359

One thing I did notice, though. It’s tough for the fundee to say this, and I hope it’s not too awkward for me to mention this (we’re unaffiliated–I just did the math,) but as the project nears funding completion, each dollar means progressively more since indiegogo’s service fee is less (but still fair either way) once the goal is achieved.

So if anyone’s still on the fence about (re)donating, at this point, every $1 donated would give >$1, to Deirdra, assuming the project can get funded. It’s at ~$1.10 right now.

Edit: never mind.

Actually, it’s a fixed funding campaign, so if it doesn’t hit its goal, everyone gets refunded.

Last day, and still in need of a push!