DOL-OS - Remastered version

After weeks of grueling work and a bit of crunch, DOL-OS has been remastered, and is now available in English! It has a fresh new UI, corrected issues, added significant content, sound! and QoL settings.
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DOL-OS is an interactive fiction game, all happening inside a fictional computer. Peruse its archive, delve deeper into its memory, solve some puzzle, and execute a maybe unsafe program…

I wish I could say more, but I’d be spoiling the whole game…

Play DOL-OS here:

DOL-OS was the winner of the 2023 Edition of the French IF Comp.
Review 1 - Review 2

Probably wasn’t smart to put it online just before the IFComp…


I’m excited to play this in English and I’m greatful for the work you put in to share this with the embarrassingly large fraction of monolingual (largely American) English speakers. I’ve played some French IF via machine translation, but I know I’m missing stuff as I play.

Thanks again, Manon for the IF treat!


Thanks for taking the time and effort to do this. I had a quick look (for now) and it seems the sudoku issues have resurfaced: When pressing “Confirm” I got Error: cannot execute macro <<popup>>: unable to parse macro argument expression "<<if settings.lang is "Français">>Gagné!<<else>>It’s won!<</if>": expected expression, got '<<' (spoiler in case I misunderstood and it is intended behavior)


This is not supposed to happen and I thought I had fixed it (I did but… I must have forgotten to recompile after correcting the issue)
Rezipping in a few minutes.

EDIT: it’s up!


For those interested, I’ve added the Source Code of the competition version on GitHub, and submitted the whole Comp version zip to the IFArchive (linked on the IFDB page too).


I’ve fixed some minor issues with the game (missed translation and Sudoku result not popping properly), as well as adding alt-text to as many images as I could.

Also! On the End Screen, I’ve added an Easter Egg popup, with a list of all references included in the game, as well as links between some bits of the game :slight_smile:
I thought I had added this to the game in the OG remaster update…