Does the forum seem slow to anyone else here?

I’ve been browsing the forum today for about fifteen minutes, and it seems a lot slower than it usually does. Is anybody else having any problems? Is it just me?

Me too.

I’ve been having issues with it that I haven’t had before, but it’s not speed. Many times, the page doesn’t load all the way, only like half the screen is there. Might be on my end but it’s only on this forum that it happens and I thought I’d chime in with it.

It’s been happening like this for me for the past few days. Sometimes pages take much longer than usual to load and other times, like MTW, the page only half loads and I have to refresh it to see what else is there.

Yeah. I thought it was because I was using a rubbish mobile data connection while my ADSL was down, but my ADSL is fixed now and the forum is still really slow and unreliable.