Does IFDB have an API?

Hi there,

I was wondering if it would be possible, or if there is already one already, for a simple, JSON api be set up for programs to interact with the game database?
I have the technical know how to do this myself if help is required, but figure the team running this already awesome website does too anyway!

I invision something like:

Returns something like:
{“title”: “game 1”, “ID”:1, “Description”: Game desc, “Authors:”, “Game authors”}}

thanks :slight_smile:

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I don’t think this site has a game database. Are you thinking of IFDB?

Oops. Yes. sorry. Thought they were the same lol

There is an IFDB API:


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Ah, thanks muchly.
Bit of a newbie here so I’m not surprised I put it in the wrong place, and got wires crossed.

Idealy what I am looking for is an api that can be used to lisst games and their descriptions that are in the game. Is such a thing around?

IFDB has a search API, that returns a list of games and their “TUID.” search (IFDB API)

For each game, you can use the viewgame API with its TUID to see the description. viewgame (IFDB API)

If you’re not searching for games, but you want information about all of the games, an API may not be the right thing for you. Instead, you might prefer to just download an archive of the entire database from the IF Archive.