Does changing a story's name still mess things up?

If you are requesting technical assistance with Twine, please specify:
Twine Version: 2.3.14
Story Format: All

I’m using the desktop version, on Linux. I recently changed a story’s name (on the homepage) and, too late, remembered that there was a bug related to this.

Now I notice that Twine won’t import any stories from file anymore (I’ve opened the .html files in a text editor to verify that the Twine game was actually there.)

Does anyone know if these issues are related, and can anyone help me re-wind to before I renamed the story (if that is indeed the problem)? I have a bunch of archive files.

Two things are used internally to uniquely identify a Twine project: its Name; and its unique IFID.
And in some ways the second item is more important than the first because it’s guarantied to be unique where as the Name isn’t.

Both of the above are stored within the <tw-storydata> element of a Story HTML file, which is the element that contains the Passage meta-data, and where the Twine 2.x application Import feature obtains the required data to create a Twine project from.

So when you want to ‘rename’ a Story HTML file that you want to import as a ‘new’ project you need to make sure that both the name and the ifid properties of that <tw-storydata> element are changed before hand.

Ah, thanks for replying. Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear.

I renamed a story I was working on from its dumb working title. It’s still the same project, just more intelligently named. (So, keeping the same IFID, right?)

But, I’ve been trying to puzzle out how to set up the save-game business using Harlowe, and not getting very far. So I was going to import someone else’s game to see how they’d set it up. (Tavern Crawler, actually. That game did a lot of interesting stuff with the sidebar. I’m only going to use it as a “working example.”)

Anyway, I downloaded that from and… nada. Clicking on the “import file” function I could navigate to the desktop where I’d saved it, select that, hit OK and… nothing at all was added to the stories. Like I said, I opened TC in Atom, and all the game’s there.

Humble apologies.

Boy, am I embarrassed. It was downloading from itch that was the problem. Tried it from the ifdb just now and it worked. There are days when I should be kept from bothering other people.

Thanks for being my sounding board 'til my brain started functioning.

Yeah, on itch the actual Twine game is in an iframe, so if you’re trying to import it into Twine you need just the game and not the whole page. I… don’t think Chrome lets you do that easily, but if you have Firefox you should be able to right-click and Save Frame As…

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Thanks, I’ll remember that in future.

On the plus side, it’s good to know that the Twine folks have squashed that nasty bug. I remember other people posting on here about it – gosh, maybe a year ago now.